What's Happening at Sojourners this Fall?

Dear Sojourners,

This coming Sunday officially marks the change of season for us as a church. We move from Summer to Fall Schedule and we are really eager for you to join us for as many of our times together as you're able. We will have a "Ministry Fair" set up this week that will give everyone a chance to see what is happening with various ministries at church. We encourage you to check out the Fair and ask questions of the people who are already involved in ministry; new faces and ideas are always welcome!

Also, please always feel free to bring folks with you (believers or unbelievers interested in hearing more about Jesus) and PLEASE begin praying even now for all of our Fall activities. We need God's help for them to be used for his glory.

So, what's happening this Fall?

Sunday School

  • 4 & 5 year olds - Rachel Dyvig
  • 6-9 year olds - Molly Grimmius
  • 10-16 year olds - Jon Dierenfeld
  • Helping out where needed - Susan Kozelsky

Please bring your kids for these great curriculums and very enthusiastic teachers who are eager to teach and love your children in the love of Christ. Also, join us for Adult Sunday School as we take a look at one of the most interesting times of Christianity in the history of the reformation.

Worship Services

Pastor Dave will finish up our 1 Corinthians series over the next few weeks and then we'll be moving into a series titled, "By Grace You Have Been Saved..." that will walk through how God saves us by his grace. Please join us as @10:30am as we rejoice over the grace of God that saves wretched sinners like us.

Wednesday Nights

Evangelism: As we ponder on Sunday how God saves us by his grace, we'll walk through a book titled, "Evangelism: How the whole church speaks of Jesus" to see how we take part in this amazing story of redemption. Please, please plan to join us for this important series in the life of our church.

Evangelism: How the Whole Church Speaks of Jesus

Wednesday Evenings September 13 – October 11 5:45-7:30pm

Childcare available for kids through age 6

5:45-6:15............... Pizza ($1 per slice/$10 max. per family

6:15-7:30............... Worship, Teaching, Discussion*, and Prayer

(*The youth will break off for separate discussion time)

Youth Group: Pastor Nick will be taking over the teaching for Youth Group along with help from our amazing volunteers, Andy and Heidi Kinnard. We hope our youth grow into fruitful members at Sojourners Church who are pastored well by us here.

Prayer and Fellowship

Men's Prayer will continue on Wednesday mornings @6:00am and Women's Prayer on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday morning @10:00am. Even if you've never come before, come whenever you can! Also, ladies, we have a number of women that gather for MOPS during the year as well, you can ask Molly Grimmius or Cassi Benson more about that.

And, if one of those prayer or fellowship times don't work for you, then we encourage you to hold your own!

So, please join us as much as you can, the Bible says our blood-bought family is not only helpful, but necessary for our spiritual growth as a church. And not only that, knowing we are all baptized into one body with a diversity of gifts means that the more we can be together, fellowship, learn the word together, and pray together, the more we can see how God is building up this blood-bought family by his Spirit to minister in the neighborhoods and nations for the sake of his name.

Eager for the Spirit of God to Move Among Us and Through Us,

Pastor Dave