The Eternality of Love: 1 Corinthians 13:8-13

 Introduction: What Fuels Your Life?

1. Now: Partial, Dim Sight (vv.8-12)

2. Eternity: Full, Face to Face Sight (vv.8-12)

3. Love: The Excellent, Eternal End of All Things (v.13)

 Application: Let Love Fuel Your Life


 Prayer Points:

1. Adore Christ for his self-giving love that purchased us and is our model.

2. Confess where you've been motivated by things other than love.

3. Thank God for his eternal, holy love that overflowed to create and redeem humanity and will bring redeemed humanity to an eternity of love.

4. Ask God to make Sojourners a blood-bought family fueled by love.