Sermon Points/Small Group Questions - 02/21/16

Sermon Series: The Weak, Foolish, and Victorious Gospel

Sermon Text: 1 Corinthians 1:10-17

Sermon Title: United in the Name Above All Names

Intro: Where do you get your ego-boost?

1. The Allegiance to Names (vv.11-12)
2. An Appeal by the Name (v.10)
3. The Absurdity of Name-Dropping (vv.13-16)
4. The Abasement of the Cross (v.17)

Application: Humbled Unity in the Humbling Cross


1. Why do humans feel such a need to feel important?
2. Why do we love to attach ourselves to ideas, people, and movements to make ourselves feel important?
3. How does Paul appeal to the Corinthians to stop this silly boasting?
4. How does Paul make this kind of boasting look ridiculous?
5. How does the desire to align ourselves with someone great to make ourselves great contradict the very message of the cross?
6. How should the message of a crucified Savior change the way we think of ourselves and think of what it means to be great?
7. How does the message of a crucified Savior undercut pride and bring about unity?