Sermon Points/Small Group Questions - 02/07/16

Introduction: How foolish will God make us?


1. God's Called Apostle of Christ (v.1)
2. God's Holy Church in Christ (v.2)
3. God's Grace and Peace from Christ (v.3)

Application: Sovereign God, Slain Savior, and a Sanctified Church



1. Why does God get all the praise for his church and from his church?
2. Why is Christ so central in all of God's work?
3. How does the gospel make us secure and set apart? What does it mean to be "in Christ" and what does it mean to be "saints?"
4. How should we live in the world in light of the reality of our status in Christ?
5. How should we view our calling as the church of God?
6. Where do you need to rest more firmly in the gospel so that you can live more fully for the gospel?
7. How "foolish" are you willing to look for the sake of the gospel?