National Day of Prayer 2018

Lord God,

Thank you for your sovereign care for us. You are a God who works in our world through means, and you have graciously given us the means of governance, law, and order. So as we turn now to pray for our elected officials, we rest in the truth of Proverbs 21:1: that the King’s heart is a stream of water in your hand, for you turn it wherever you will, O God. Guide and direct our leaders and the rulers of this land that we live in. Grant them wisdom and the ability to do justice, to love mercy and kindness, and to walk humbly before you.

We pray for our national officials, our Congress, our supreme court justices, and other government officials. You have given them a large platform and responsibility to work for the good of our country. Grant them grace and mercy. We pray for President Trump. Give him the grace of Romans 13, that he would not be a terror to good conduct, but to bad. Give him the ability to serve you, and therefore to work for the greatest good of our Country. Give him humility, and a desire to serve self-sacrificially, putting the needs and desires of our country before his own. Help him to see his need for your grace and mercy, that he might desire character over power.

We pray for our state leaders as well. We pray for Governor Dayton and our state legislature. Give them wisdom and strength that they might be your means of grace to our State. Help them to look to you and to work for justice and the thriving of all Minnesotans. We pray for Governor Dayton’s health, as he has battled cancer. Thank you for the healing he has experienced so far. We pray you would continue to sustain him according to your grace and will.

And we pray for our local officials of Freeborn County and Albert Lea. Help them to serve our county and town in the strength that you supply, seeking wisdom from on high. Sustain and strengthen them, that they might be your means of grace to our hometown. We pray that you would work through our local government to mirror the justice and mercy of your kingdom.

And help us to remember to pray for all of our elected officials year-round. Be with them we pray.

In Jesus' name, amen.