Jesus the Perfect...Son

Introduction: See, Savor, and Spread

1. Two Disobedient Sons We’ve Followed to Death

  a. Adam (Luke 3:38, Genesis 3)

  b. Israel (Exodus 4:22, Hosea 11)

2. The Perfectly Obedient Son Who Brings Eternal Life (Hebrews 5:7-9)

Application: Rest in Jesus and Run Like Jesus


Father we have disobeyed you a million times showing our lack of trust and love for you. We have sinned like Adam and Israel and been disobedient children. Yet, your Son Jesus, the perfect Son has brought us eternal life by his perfect obedience. Lord, help us rest in his perfect, finished obedience on our behalf. And help us saturate ourselves in word and prayer by the Spirit you have given us to run like Jesus.