Evening of Worship and Prayer Invitation

This Wednesday we have our second Evening of Worship and Prayer. It is going to be a time to linger in corporate song and prayer and let God’s Spirit work among us. And my plea to you is to please make it a priority. I know what hardships many of you face. I know the depths of suffering that are present among us. I know the trials and temptations of this life, and the myriad situations where we just don’t know what to do or how to continue on. And I know that we serve a good God who has given us another opportunity to come together to be met by his Spirit in power. Please come this Wednesday. I’m sure you can come up with five different excuses of why to stay home, but put them aside. I get it, life is busy, so no guilt, no coercion. But if we really believe that God fills his people with his Spirit in corporate worship, why would we not avail ourselves?”