Deep in the Word and Prayer Together

Hey Sojourners,

My most fervent prayer for our church heading into 2018 is that it would be a year of deeper levels of spiritual awakening personally and corporately for us as a blood-bought family.

I'm praying for deeper joy in Jesus. Deeper war against sin. Deeper love for one another. And wider witness to the world.

But, if it doesn't happen personally, it can't happen corporately.

And so, I've been praying for you all by name, that God might give grace to make it the deepest year of Spirit-led Bible reading and prayer. And then, join us when gather as a blood-bought family to go deep in the word and prayer together.

Everything we are doing in 2018 is unashamedly designed to help our blood-bought family go deeper in the word and prayer.

And so, in the midst of a busy holiday season, I am pleading with you, for your own joy and for the glory of God two do things:

1) Right now, plan a time where you will read your Bible and pray every day. And then, by God's grace carry it out.

2) Right now, plan to prioritize your blood-bought family. And then, by God's grace carry it out.

If we don't plan these things, we simply will get swept away with busyness and daily distractions. And your spiritual health matters for the health of our blood-bought family. We need you. And you need us.

We will try not to schedule anything that we don't think will serve your ultimate good and the glory of God.

So, if you've never come to Sunday School before, I really, really suggest coming in 2018. We will be focusing on equipping you to know why you can trust the Bible, love the Bible, and how you can understand the NT books better.

Come to the Women's Bible study that is designed to help you read and study your Bible better.

Come to our nights of worship where we will linger in prayer, the word, and worship.

And come on Sundays for worship as a blood-bought family to sit under the word, sing together, and prayer together.

And I trust that as we go deeper in word and prayer, we will see the glory of the gospel more clearly, love Jesus more, and that love will overflow to each other and those around us.

Please, join us. Our God is not boring and knowing him is not boring. Let's do this together more than ever before in 2018!