2 Corinthians 1:3-11: What's the God of Mercy Doing at Sojourners?

Introduction: What's the Greatest Danger of a Church?

1. The God of Mercy has Brought Broken-Hearted Despair (vv.8-9)

2. The God of Mercy has Brought Bold Dependence (vv.8-9)

3. The God of Mercy has Brought Broken-Hearted Hope in His Deliverance (v.10)

Application: Sharers in Suffering, Comfort, and Prayer (vv.4-5, 11)


Prayer Points:

1. Adore Christ for his suffering on our behalf and his care for us as a faithful and merciful high priest.

2. Confess our desire to keep the mask of self-sufficiency on to others and the silliness of self-reliance in ourselves.

3. Thank God for his kindness in keeping us from self-reliance through suffering and in keep us trusting him in dependence.

4. Ask God to make us fellow sharers in the sufferings of Christ, fellow sharers in the comforts of Christ to one another, and persevering in prayer for our church and the neighborhoods and nations around us