1 Corinthians 12:12-31: Many Members of the Body of Christ In One Spirit

Introduction: Self-Longings Regulated by Self-Love

1. Many Members of Christ's Body, One Unifying Spirit (vv.12-14)

2. Body Pain of Self-Pity (vv.15-20)

3. Body Pain of Self-Promotion (vv.21-27)

Application: Body Longing Regulated by Surpassing Body Love (vv.28-31)


Prayer Points:

  1. Adore God for giving his Spirit to empower and unify the diverse members of Christ for their good, gospel witness, and his glory.
  1. Confess where you've been prone to self-pity and self-promotion in your heart that has caused body pain. Where have you been regulated by self-love instead of self-giving love?
  1. Thank God for a blood-bought family with different gifts than you and thank God for the gifts he's give you, all by the same Spirit.
  1. Ask God to move among us by the Spirit to help us be empowered in and appreciative of all his gifts so that he is glorified among us and his name is spread among Albert Lea, Southern MN, and the nations.