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Welcome Lauri Olson

Welcome Lauri Olson to the team at Sojourners Church.

Love Lays Down Its Rights

Love for one another finds freedom in laying down its right for the sake of others.

Sojourners Fight of Faith Fall 2014

Sojourners Fight of Faith Fall 2014

A Summer of Seeing, Savoring, and Spreading the Savior at Sojourners

Seeing: "A Summer in the Psalms" Sermon Series -- Savoring: "A Praying Life" in Sunday School -- Spreading: "Evangelism" @ Koinonia

Why Study the Old Testament for a Year?

  There are so many reasons to spend not only a year, but a lifetime studying the Old Testamen...

What is a Sojourner?

To be a sojourner is to live in a place that is not your home.